Cheats S30SCI Movie: Ong Back 3

You are ready for the action? here we go, the legend will be continue Thai martial arts of Ong Bak 3: The Final Battle film begin in January 2011 at here Cheats S30SCI Movie to share the latest movie 2011. I think the story is more interesting and make sure the effects to better this 3rd big installment Ong Bak 3. The film stars Tony Jaa as Tien, Dan Chupong as Bhuti Sang-ka, Nirut Sirichanya as Master Bua and many more. Also directed by Tony Jaa with Panna Rittikrai.

Ong Bak 3 revolve picking up at the cliffhanger ending where "Ong Bak 2" leaves off, Jaa ramps up the epic supernatural elements of the previous film, while still maintaining the trademark bone-crunching action that the series is known for. This time he must face his ultimate enemy a fierce supernatural warrior named "Demon Crow," played by fellow martial arts sensation Dan Chupong.

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